What can you say that avoids the tired clichés that this industry and subject has managed to collect. It’s difficult. Put simply, it’s hard for anyone not to love imagery. At least, in someway, pictures affect everyone. So being in a position to make the images that become part of visual culture…well let’s just say it’s pretty special. I was interviewed fairly recently about my photography. I was asked to describe my style in five words. A style is a tricky thing, especially creatively, because it almost feels like you have to become boring and static to have one. The key, I think, is to make your style emotive and not descriptive. Bearing this in mind my answer was: Easy, lazy, rough, real and a little bit hard I’m not breaking it down, nor will I explain, mostly because to explain would only sound even more pretentious. However, I think if you look at enough of my work, and probably my life, those words do kind of make sense in many ways. I work commercially and editorially across the country shooting fashion. I focus on fashion, not out of coincidence but out of a real love for, and understanding of fashion just as much as photography. I think fashion is key to giving a photo story resonance and a sense of place. It makes it feel real whilst still being slightly unobtainable. That’s what I like about fashion. As soon as it’s easy to access, we’re showing people something they should want even more. Fashion is never obtainable long term without work and change. I like that. It’s a good mentality for life. Never settle. It’s not all been emotional discovery that’s landed me in this fortunate position. I studied Photography at Blackpool and the Fylde School of Art. I know it sounds crazy but it is a prestigious place photographically, if not culturally. I’m impatient so before I’d even finished my studies I started assisting people whenever I could. After a brief spell jetting around (Les Rencontres, d’Arles festival and New York’s east village, to name a few) I made the move to dedicate all my time to fashion photography. Strangely I found it more morally acceptable to work in fashion than art, but that’s another story. That’s all for now though, enjoy the site. Rob


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